19 May 2010


Here are two fun pics
of my two cheeseballs.

Especially funny is this chunky cheeseball who always has to have two balls in his hands when playing outside.
Even when riding his little bike!
(I gotta get a pic of him doing that!)

14 May 2010


Why? Why am I still up at 11pm? Why do I have energy now and not in the morning when I need it? Why did gas go from $2.83 to $2.56 the next day right after I used all my get go points? Why does this baby growing inside of me want to be a soccer player? I have had a quite a week with life, though I'm thankful I have it, life that is, it sure was a LONG week!

Mums. Mother's Day weekend did not go how I expected. Terrible nauseousness and pain were the order of the day but all in all, it went well and I enjoyed my time with my boys and family. I got one decent pic with my boys though I haven't posted it yet and forgot to get a picture with my Mom (sorry, Momma!). I'll get pics on here sometime soon but tonight is going to be a pain-free blog with no pics that I have to download and resize and upload, and etc...

Coupons. I got a lot of coupons cut this week and had some great deals I may post in the next few days. The Lord has been really good to me to help me find such a great deals on items we use a lot of or use often enough. For example, I walked out of Giant Eagle on Wednesday with 17 packs of toilet paper (4 rolls each) for $9.52. I looked like a hillbilly with a 'problem' but I was smiling at that deal!

Homeschooling. I went to a meeting on Tuesday that was all about getting started in homeschooling. It was so informational and fun and got me really excited about homeschooling. I do 'school' with Luke a few times a week where we do abc's, numbers, flash cards and reading. He shows a real interest in reading and learning and I'm so thankful for that. This is going to be a BIG thing for me but I pray the Lord will guide me/us in the right directions. There is nothing like seeing your child learning right in front of you, from you!

Fun. Thursday was a fun day I spent with my parents at their house, just relaxing and visiting with them. I ran to Target (alone - THANK YOU MOM!) and got some more great deals on other things and then had a fabulous dinner with them in the evening. I was thankful to not be nauseous that day and could enjoy such a great dinner! Thanks, parents!

Potty training. Not. fun. Any suggestions people-out-there? I am trying many different things and he seems to be getting it but it's sure a slow-go. FYI candy is not working :) It helps though!

Birthdays. I feel so old today. My birthday is next week. I will be - gulp - 29! Where did the time go? And does anyone else have white hairs popping through? Ugh!

The hubs. I got a good one. He is working two side-jobs plus his normal full time job these last two weeks and will continue to for probably several more. I don't see him much but I'm so thankful he's such a hard worker. God was good to me when he gave me Sonny! Sometimes you take your spouse's help for granted cause when they are gone, you really miss them. Such as bath time. I don't especially like being as wet as the boys are. Dinner. More dishes and crumbs for me to clean by myself. Bed time. Reading books not quite as 'funny' as daddy. I try.

Old friends. Walked into my dr.'s office today for a baby appt. Heard my name spoken and turned to see a dear old friend. God was good to let us meet up today! She is 23 or 24 weeks along and had an appt. today as well. We chatted as fast as we could until my name was called. Smiles and hugs all around. Love moments like these. (love ya a.z.!)

35. The end is nearing. Baby #3 is due to arrive sometime within the next 5 weeks. This has by far been the fastest pregnancy for me. It helps we didn't tell anyone until I was 5 months along but these last 5 f.l.e.w.! Some days I'm super excited and some days I'm a bit nervous. I have greatly enjoyed sleeping through the night the past almost two years. Sonny bought me a book that helps moms get their babies sleep schedule adjusted so they sleep up to 12 hours a night. But I've been so busy and tired, I haven't read it yet... It's on my to-do list for this coming week!

Excitement. I better go and get to bed. Tomorrow, I am hitting some garage sales with my Mom and Sisters-in-law. Praying to find a Simplicity vacuum for around $5. Only in my dreams! :) I've been praying though. "Ye have not, because he ask not"!! God can do anything! I'll let you know what I find!

Good night to all my followers! All five of you! And those who have yet to join :)
Love ya