28 July 2010

Boo Hoo!

I know, I know... You're all mad at me for not posting in weeks but I am working on it! Promise!

Life with 3 under 3 1/2 is definitely more of a challenge than anticipated but I am doing my best to adjust to this little addition! "Adjusting" means NO time for blogging! I can hardly write out bills and cut coupons anymore. Crazy how something so small takes up so much time! Anyways, enough for boo hoo-ing. Wouldn't trade the world for this little peanut!
I'm not going to say 'come back soon' for more posts anymore seeing as I never keep my word... unless 'soon' to you means weeks, maybe months :) I'm doing my best! Hope to be back soon! :)
love to all

08 July 2010

My New Favorite Color

Grayson / Old English
meaning: "son of the gray-haired man"
I guess the name is a sign of things to come... :) I heard this name while in high school and it always stuck with me but I never thought I would actually name one of my sons this name. Since we didn't know the gender of this pregnancy, it was hard for us to choose just one name for each gender, so we kept a few in mind. Once he was born, we struggled over the names we liked and finally decided at 11:45pm on the first day of his life. I told Sonny we couldn't let him go a whole day with no name. "Baby" wasn't cutting it for me :)
The fun thing I like about this name for this child is that he was born the day before Father's Day and the 'son' in Grayson reminds me of Sonny. It is kinda fitting for Sonny to have a 'son' close to Father's Day and maybe we'll call Grayson "Sonny" as a nickname in the future. We'll see about that, but for now, he's "Baby Gray". Zach just calls him "Baby". Luke on occasion will call him by his full name and sometimes add "Landscaping" to the end of it, seeing as he thinks the word 'landscaping' should be said after "Tucker" every time (that's Daddy's business' name for those who don't know). The boys are enjoying every day with Gray, giving him tons of kisses and letting me know when he's crying and hungry or wants a chocolate muffin. Well, that last one is when Luke wants a chocolate muffin but he thinks he can use Grayson's crying to get one for himself. Funny, their little minds.

The infamous "Tucker Toe" as we call it. Each one of our boys has a slanty pinky toe just like Sonny and many of the Tucker aunts and uncles. After the birth of Luke, it's a funny thing that we looked for immediately after the birth of Zach and now Gray.

This picture was taken shortly after his bath. He is being held by Aunt Dee Dee. My sister is the awesomest sister when it comes to being there for me in the hospital. For each of the boys births, she came to the hospital beforehand to sit and talk with me and take pictures of the 'before' and then also stayed with me a while after to get pictures of the baby for me so I could just relax, assured I would get cute pics of my baby! Gray was born at 1:49 a.m. on Saturday 6/19. My sister stayed until 5am making sure all was okay before leaving. Sonny was sick that weekend and left a little while after Gray was born to go home and rest. Thanks, Dee, for being there for me and for being my photographer!

All's well that ends well! Third time was a charm!

Thanks to everyone who sent cards and emails! God is so good, having blessed us with a third baby and our third boy. I remember in the past, saying I wouldn't mind having all boys. Be careful what you wish for!

Come back soon for more pictures and info on our latest addition!