07 March 2012


10pm. All is quiet. Kiddos are fast asleep. Hubby too. Dishes aren't done. Laundry is piled next to my chair . I am exhausted but am smiling, sitting here and reminiscing about my life five years ago today.

It was a Wednesday as well. I was nine months pregnant, humongous and nervously laying in a hospital bed. I was being induced with my first child. I had gone to the doctor earlier that day for a routine visit. I remember discussing that I hadn't been feeling the baby move much. I remember having ultrasounds and other tests too. My blood pressure was a little high. The doctor said that being so close to the due date (March 9th) we could go ahead and induce so inducing it was. I remember packing and re-packing, and then re-re-packing my hospital bag, taking a pillow, blanket, books, magazines, cameras, cords, and a ton of other stuff that I didn't even use or really need. I remember thinking how funny it was that I knew I would be having a baby soon. Sonny was nervously calm, if that makes sense and together that Wednesday night, we went off to the hospital to check in. In the car, we discussed a myriad of things, one being that when we went home together, it would no longer just be the two of us. Amazing!

I remember the uncomfortableness of not being able to do much, just had to lay there and look at the white walls, white curtains, white doors, etc. Sonny was tired but stayed by my side. It was such a scary and exciting experience. A baby was on its way. My baby. Amazing!

It's so unbelievably true how fast time goes. The hours in a day never changes, but the years go by so fast. Tomorrow my baby will be five.

Thank you, Jesus, for my bouncing baby boy... who is still bouncy! I love him so so so much!

Luke on his first birthday