23 February 2012

Please pray for the Cretzman Family

Please pray (right now) for the Cretzman family, Baptist missionaries currently on deputation to Cuba. While traveling in North Carolina earlier this week, they were involved in a serious car accident which took the life of their three year old daughter, Azlynn. Father and baby sister are ok while mother, Lana, is still in the hospital. Please pray for this young family during such a difficult time.

As I sit here typing this post, I just can't imagine the grief for such a young life. I know we all say we can't imagine why God would allow this, but He has, and for a reason. All we can do is rejoice in His infinite wisdom and pray for the comfort of their families and friends,

For more information or to donate to the family, you can visit their website at www.cretzmanstocuba.com.

*UPDATE from Facebook missions page: Matt says, "Lana was just released from surgery.
Everything went well the doctor said. Thank you Lord. Now the hard part. How to
plan a funeral for a 3yr old. Lord, we need your help. Thank you for the
overwhelming support everyone. We can't say thank you enough."

15 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday - blast from the past

Fun with cousins last fall... I just love all these cheeseballs!

01 February 2012