15 January 2011

Busy Nothings

Don't you just LOVE how I say 'check back soon' and then it's a month before I post again? When I first started blogging, I was pretty consistent. Now, I blog every day in my mind but don't have time to post it!!! Then, when I have time, such as now, I can't remember what I wanted to share!!! Welcome to my world!!! I love exclamation points (and you too, Schmoe!!!)

So, why do I have a picture of a bowl and spoon, you ask? Well, this little picture sums up why I'm often MIA in the blogging world. The main point of this is even though the spoon is where it's supposed to be, it's backwards - which is often how each of my days seem. Life is as it should be but often crazy and mixed up in the process!

All is good in the Tucker household. We spent 9 hours cleaning and organizing today, throwing out junk and getting goodwill bags ready and it feels.so.good! I mean SO good! I have been working day and night in our house for the past 3 weeks, going through every single thing in this house and now everything has a place and is neat and orderly. I encourage you to 'live simply'. It truly makes me happy to have everything in a place! Now I have to do my part and keep it up!

Goals & prayer requests:

I have a goal this year of reading my Bible through. I also have a goal of losing weight (ugh, I hate even writing that!) I have a goal of keeping my home clutter free and staying on top of paperwork. What are some of your goals? I would love to pray about them for you!

Prayer requests: I have recently joined Weight Watchers. Ugh. It was time! I can't keep trying to do it alone. God worked everything out so I can go and I am so thankful. He is so good and meets every need! I ask, if you think of little 'ol me that you pray that soon I will be a "little 'ol me"!!!

Lots of Love and prayers in the new year!