14 December 2010

Manic Monday

Technically, it's Tuesday right now, but for me, it's still Monday... It has been a LONG day! I was up late last night and got up early and had a full day today and am still going at quarter to 2. 2 a.m. that is! Sonny was gone all day plowing, bless his poor, cold soul. I can't remember a snow storm this bad for quite sometime. He's all cooped up in a truck for hours upon hours pushing snow that just keeps coming down! I felt so bad for him today. He just left about an hour ago and I haven't been able to fall asleep since I got him out the door - so - I am checking emails, Christmas shopping online, making lists and now, going through pics online.

This terribly cold day of 15 degree temperatures took my mind to a much warmer place. It was not too long ago, during my 6 weeks of being MIA, I was in Florida! We took our annual vacation to Florida and spent 10 days at my grandma's. It was a nice visit all around. Here's a snip it of cute pics...

I will be posting more vacation pics of fun stuff and super beautiful beaches so hang on. Off to bed! Stay warm, ya'll!

09 December 2010

Anybody Miss Me?

Hi, it's me... Do you remember me? :)

"Wonderful chaos" is a good way to explain why I've been MIA for 6 weeks! Life in our little abode has been non-stop, tiring, crazy, trying, loving and just plain wonderful!

As the days went on, I would think to myself "This would be good to blog about" or "this would be funny..." but alas, the mom in me said "Do the dishes. Finish the laundry. Feed and bathe your children." Since those things are done this very minute, I am now blogging again!

Here's what's been going on in our family lately...

This itty bitty will be 6 months old in a matter of days... ugh.

This is his first time in a 'big boy' seat!

My older kiddos have now moved onto 'big boy' beds! Another ugh.

Zach now has Luke's toddler bed and is loving it. He stayed in it all night his first night with many prayers!

Luke loves his bed! Even with all the extra room, he still curls up in his same 'ol spot!

This itty bitty love is now in a crib (instead of a large bassinet)! Triple ugh.

A baby mug shot :)

And what does this all mean? MORE laundry! :) But it was fun putting up the new bed for Luke and rearranging some things in their room. The baby-ish-ness is leaving my big boys and it is sad for me. I have so many wonderful memories of these boys who are growing up too fast! Even Grayson is rolling over and trying to sit up. When does 'newborn' stop? He's already almost half-way to a year old! Quadruple, ugh!
Even with all the work and frustrations and boy, is there a lot of all that... I would trade my life for anything! It is wonderful chaos!