28 April 2009

Free Publicity

Hello Everyone!

Just a little free publicity for my husband & his brother's business - Tucker Landscaping Inc. Their website has been updated and looks great! Check it out @ http://www.tuckerlandscaping.net

Have a great Wednesday!

26 April 2009

Rants and Raves - KJV

Okay, lately, I've been really thinking about the Bible and how some say " my version is so much easier to read and understand" and "mine has easy study helps" and "blah, blah, blah"... Okay, people! The God of this universe, the One who decided you were purposed to be on His earth, the One who sent His only Son to die for YOU! Why read someone else's interpretation of that love letter?

As I was hanging laundry outside the other day, I was thinking... When Sonny writes me a letter, I get SO excited! I look at it many times before opening it, looking at each side and how he wrote my name and then I slowly open it and read it real fast in excitement and then read it again real slow because I didn't take it all in the first time... and... I read it over and over and over again with a continuous smile... and I am just so happy that he took the time to write me a letter in his own thoughts and words and especially, love. I wouldn't want someone else to write the letter for him. The way he wrote my name wouldn't be very exciting and the words inside wouldn't be as meaningful. Some of the words may be switched around or missing. I would want the letter to be in every way him and only him.

Then, I thought of my Saviour.

My Saviour wrote me a very long, love letter, filled with promises and lessons and plans for me. Measly Mary. He did that for me! He wants me to know how much He thinks of me, plans for my life, how to raise Godly children, how to be a good wife, and SO much more! He wrote it all in his own words. Now, tell me why would I want to read what Joe Schmoe thinks God is trying to say? Why do people think the KJV Bible is so hard to read and understand? No one said being a Christian is easy. Put some effort into it and don't take the easy route! The KJV Bible is the one! God's love letter to you!

Since this is my blog, I can rant and rave, but now I'm done. I just feel so strongly about this and had to blog a few words about it to maybe challenge someone to read the KJV or encourage those who feel the same as I! Don't get bits and pieces - get the WHOLE truth!

Love, Mary

23 April 2009


I know, I am late, but had to post a pic of my two cuties. Easter was a good day, remembering the true meaning and celebrating the resurrection, but it was not a good day for pics. Luke gets embarrassed sometimes when I take pics, or ornery, but whichever it was that day, they didn't happen. Zach however was a smiley guy, even with his scabby eczema, bless his heart. I am so thankful for these two cuties and pray for the day the trust Jesus as their Saviour!

Don't you just love this suit coat? So preppy!!

Zach's neck is too chubby for me to close the top button so he couldn't wear the orange tie and ended up looking 70's-ish with the wide collar!!

This was Palm Sunday at home where pics are usually taken better since no one is watching. Gotta love this blondie!

22 April 2009

Barf Day... I mean "Earth Day"

All this "green" talk just makes me want to barf, literally. Get a life, people, and thank GOD that He gave us this earth! Drive your old car around, use plastic grocery bags, drink bottled water, use regular light bulbs and be thankful that God hasn't yet 'reduced, reused or recycled' YOU!

Only Me...

I was recently told of a story about a friend of mine who, after shopping at Aldi's, gives their cart to someone without taking the quarter from them, just to be kind and friendly. It's something her kids do and see her doing, which teaches them to be kind and giving. Okay. I can do that! So, today, I made a quick trip to Aldi's with my shopping buddy Zachary. I was excited thinking about who would receive the 'lucky cart'. So, my list was complete, I was in line and ready to venture out into the unknown :) Anyhoo, I walked to the car, unloaded my monkey and perused the parking lot while unloading the groceries. Aldi's, at least mine, is always packed, people coming and going. For some reason today, everyone was just 'going'. I began to unload slower, in hopes new shoppers would pull in and I could run over with my cart. Okay. No one's coming. So, I completely unload, neatly rearrange the bags and still no one. Zach was getting hungry and I knew I should be getting home but I really wanted to be kind - so - as I shut the back door to my SUV, I see it. An old jalopy just a'headin' my way. It's a really cute, old shrively lady who can barely see over the dashboard and her enormous dog in the backseat. It takes forever for her to get out of the car. As she's getting out, I glance around for any other new shoppers, and still there are none. So, finally, she gets out, clutching her purse and our eyes meet. I think to myself, 'she's the one' and start walking towards her. She has a big smile on her face and I just knew I was going to be a blessing. As we meet, I go to hand her the cart and she says "No, thanks. I'm headed to the BMV next door." I was crushed. My kindness was rejected! I just had to laugh and thought "only me..." But, I tried! So, for the first time ever, I reluctantly made the jaunt to get my quarter back and put it in the little dash compartment where I always keep my "Aldi's quarter" and thought, "Okay, Lord. We'll try again next week!"

15 April 2009

We're Alive!

Hello Everyone! Just a short note to say that we're all alive and doing well - just busy! I am VERY behind on posts so I hope to catch up over the next few days! So much has happened that I want to share - birthdays, firsts, and more! Thanks for reading and being patient with me! Check back soon to read more about BIG things in our little lives! Love to all!