23 April 2009


I know, I am late, but had to post a pic of my two cuties. Easter was a good day, remembering the true meaning and celebrating the resurrection, but it was not a good day for pics. Luke gets embarrassed sometimes when I take pics, or ornery, but whichever it was that day, they didn't happen. Zach however was a smiley guy, even with his scabby eczema, bless his heart. I am so thankful for these two cuties and pray for the day the trust Jesus as their Saviour!

Don't you just love this suit coat? So preppy!!

Zach's neck is too chubby for me to close the top button so he couldn't wear the orange tie and ended up looking 70's-ish with the wide collar!!

This was Palm Sunday at home where pics are usually taken better since no one is watching. Gotta love this blondie!

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  1. Here's my comment...I *heart* those boys [oh, and you too!]

    :) Aunt Dee