10 August 2013


Wow, hard to believe it's already almost the middle of August! I am up way too late, organizing papers and ordering my homeschool books... Life this year has been busy, more ups than downs, and God has been good, as always!

Luke is six and has just recently lost his 2nd tooth. He is going into first grade and loves sports! I love his first born spirit as he tries to keep the other two in line!

Zachary is five and is my cuddler! No teeth lost but he is hoping they get loose soon, so he can be like his big brother! He is a great student at Tucker Christian Academy and loves to color. He claims he is going to be an artist!

Grayson. Oh, Grayson. He is my 'you'll reap what you sow' kid, or so I hear :) He is three now and is a big boy, not a baby, he tells me. He is great at making messes, especially when eating, but loves his Momma and I love him!

I hope to be a bit more faithful at blogging for memories and sharing God's goodness in our lives! I enjoyed my time away from blogging while I was getting more important things done at home and for our family. So a big hello to my faithful followers and may God bless you all!  Love, Mary