13 February 2009

Big Snow Day!

I'm a little behind on posts but this one is so cute! In our house, snow is fun but it also means Daddy is leaving or gone. Since Sonny plows during the winter, he is often away and Luke just misses the stuffing out him! If he leaves to plow while Luke is awake, Luke runs to the front window and watches Sonny leave in his big, white truck. Lukes yells "Da" over and over, thinking Sonny can hear him as he pulls off.

Luke yelling "Da"!

Our mound of snow next to our mailbox.

Sonny plowing neighbors down the street.

Luke watching Sonny plow our neighbors next door.

Daddy finishes his route by plowing our driveway.

There are days when Sonny is gone for twelve hours, comes home for a snack and then leaves again for another twelve hours. It is a hard, tiring job but no matter how tired he is from plowing, he always has time to play with the boys! Thanks, Daddy!

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