09 September 2011

Hi, Dad...

Hi, Dad... This is for you since you're the only one who has asked about my blog which I myself haven't visited in quite some time. Thanks for asking and the boys say 'hi, papa'!

Life has been busy, quite overwhelming at times but the good Lord has gotten us through it. I hope to post some pics and events and info in the coming weeks. Hope everyone is doing well!

(New header pic is my two oldest boys and my nephew Benjamin. Just a glimpse of life with boys!)


  1. I've been waiting, patiently, silently, for more cuteness. Thanks for fitting this in. Oh, and, HI DAD!

  2. Look at those ca razy boys! I couldn't love'm more! and Mary, my prayers have so been answered as well. To be a Mom and pray all your "saved" life for your children and their hearts... it's a peace knowing yours is right where it needs to be. God bless you Sweetheart with all the desires of your heart! Love you!