27 August 2009

Wordless Wednesday... very late... with words

Okay, this week has been very long, very busy, very trying... I'm so thankful tomorrow is Friday! No big plans, no appointments, nothing to rush for, the house is pretty much clean minus a few baskets of laundry to be folded, but isn't there always something! The Lord got me through some very trying situations this week, nothing big deal if you knew them, but to me, they were monstrous! He knows just what I need to get 'back on track' and 'let not my heart be troubled'.

For example, at times this week, He used my children, two genuine friends, a rainy day, and a mound of bills all to bring back my joy when it was lost. I know your wondering how a mound of bills made my joy return, but knowing that God provided for each one of those bills gave me such an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness that they can be paid! There is something to be thankful for in every little detail of life... Like YOU for instance, you're reading my blog right now. That to me is so neat! That you would even care to read what I have to say!

Here is my "picture of the week". Did you know that my son is Dennis the Menace? In more ways than one! :)


  1. What an encourageing post, Mare! Thanks! Love and miss you! :-)

  2. I knew there was something about that boy! :) Glad that you were blessed this week. I can't imagine life without our good Lord...so glad we don't have to! Love you ~ Dee

  3. You're growing up Marush! I should say "maturing". Like my mother told me, and I'm telling you and you'll tell yours, time flies. Enjoy each and every precious moment God gives you with these babies! They'll be men before you know it.... really! I couldn't love them any more or be more proud of you. Stay close to our Lord always. Love you Baby Girl