19 November 2009


Well, as you can see, I was in the mood to change my blog theme today. I have major Christmas decorating cravings and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. I love Thanksgiving but am really looking forward to Christmas this year!

I also enjoy blogging but am finding it hard to post regularly! I'm sure my whopping 4 followers don't really care but some days I feel bad, like I should have posted more during the week. I am very behind on posts and hope to catch up soon but no promises! I wonder how some of these blogging moms actually have time to post every single day! They must wear the same clothes for a week and eat out! Oh well, as in everything, I try to do my best! And for my whopping 4 followers, thanks for following! :)

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. hi mare,
    i like it. just think in 2 years we will have to add home schooling to that list. i was thinking about it today because benji starts school next fall.

  2. I know what you mean! I have a hard enough time posting two or three times a week! Don't feel bad about not posting... your posts are worth waiting for. Love ya!