07 October 2010

You know you're a Mom when...

you open your purse and find ___________________.

I saw this post on another mom's blog and I thought it was cute. I used to be an avid "purse changer" but now, after 3 kids, I go with what's big and easy to fill with diapers and coupons and etc. I no longer have time to change my purse to match my outfit anymore. I don't have nice outfits anymore either, now that I think of it :) I am lucky to remember to grab my purse these days, but I will stop complaining and start writing fun stuff.

I find:

my wallet open and unorganized from the last grocery shopping trip

coupons for diapers

hot wheels

smarties NOT in the packaging

a granola bar for when I forget to eat lunch

sometimes a crumpled grocery bag in the zippered pocket for dirty diaper storage

last month's to-do list with nothing checked off

spare little boys socks that are clean but look very dirty

So, what's in your purse?

Even if you're not a mom, you can share funny stuff that you find in your Mary Poppins bag!!


  1. funny, funny. i enjoyed the complaining too. glad to know someone else feels that way too.

  2. My bag looks much the same, except add a book, nail polish, a straw, and toothbrush and toothpaste. Mommyhood insists on big bags!