30 September 2010

My Itty Bitty

I am VERY behind on posting about Gray's last 14 weeks of life, but I am working on it! I am enjoying blogging much more these days as I don't feel I have to but really want to! There are so many times I think of something funny or clever and then never get around to posting about it but I am working on writing things down so I don't forget. How time flies!

Here are a couple pictures I took recently. I always seem to hit 'click' right before or after the smiles!

He has changed so much in this short span of time. He is very alert and is already laughing and talking!

He can be very serious at times and then very silly at other times.

He loves his big brother's attention and tries to play along with them sometimes.

His hair is coming in but is still a mystery as to what color it might change to. Another blondie? Maybe darker? Will SOMEONE look like me already??? :)
He's a "Tucker", that's for sure!

Thank you, Jesus, for my itty bitty!

I so love this itty bitty with every bitty of my heart!

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  1. I miss them! Hope your week started out well, Sis.

    Love & hugs,