29 September 2010

::Mama Drama::

Hello, ladies who follow me... and Dad... (love you, dad!)

It's 11:21pm. I should be sleeping. Or at least in bed. I just ate dinner actually. Not good for trying to lose weight, I know. Do I get a treat for clearing my plate too? :) Being a mom was tough today. I'm happy to say I made it through though. Sometimes I sit back and think, "Am I really a mom already? I can't believe I have three kids already! I can't believe I have THREE BOYS!" (insert a deep breath in and out)

Baby boy decided to wake up a little early today which threw my day off to start. Middle boy decided to wake up with a cold, cough and runny nose of a certain color. First boy decided to wake up with more energy than he knew what to do with, which made his mommy a little frazzled. And it was only 7:30am.

Think positive, Mary. It could be worse.

It got worse.

First boy decides he is "really hungry" (he is into the word "really" as of this week). As I am getting pancakes ready, middle boy wakes up calling me with that sick, nasily voice while baby boy is letting me know he is hungry too. Really hungry. So as big boys are eating, I decide to feed baby boy. No sooner did I start feeding, than first boy needs to go to the bathroom and needs my assistance. Way to go, that potty-training. (see yesterdays post) Okay. While first boy is 'going', baby boy is crying and middle boy is sneezing something horrendous. I came out to view a stream of ooziness. I am smart though and grab TWO tissue boxes and put them in very accessible places for this day. Okay. Breakfast is done.

Playtime. Playtime goes well other than excessive sneezing, bringing out excessive nose junk, and me bringing out the clorox wipes. No problem, got it covered.

My parents came over today after being out of state for 2+ weeks which was a welcomed visit. Baby boy is automatically content with the attention and big boys enjoy their treats and sea shells from the beach. The visit was nice and everyone enjoyed it until it was time to leave. Me included. No one to talk to, well to talk to about something other than trains and playing and where is daddy and m&m's. Well, I do like to talk about m&m's sometimes.

In the meantime, I get a call from some man I can't understand saying I was 'picked' to get a $10,000 grant from the government, no payback and no tax. All mine. Yeah, right. He has my name and address but called me on my cell phone which sparked my scammy mind. I asked how he got it. He said 'they' did a demographic survey and I was picked. Who is 'they'? He sounded like a man from a tribe in Nigeria somewhere. I said "Did you say democratic? I am not a democrat". After going back and forth a couple times, I finally figured out what he was saying. Okay. So I say, I don't understand why I got picked and how you got my cell number. He proceeds to then repeat his whole schpeel word for word. He then verifies my address again, which was correct, and then asks for my date of birth. I said "You have my cell number, address and name. How do you not have my date of birth?" I felt like saying "Would you like my social security number?". He then says they need it for verification so they can send a check in the mail. I am starting to get a little frazzled. He then says "OR we can deposit directly into your checking account if I provided the number..." Okay. Are you serious? Come on. I ended it by saying if he wanted to send something in the mail, send it. No more info. He proceeded to say he'd call back in the evening. Okay, whatever. How do these things happen to me? Am I going to have a $50 charge on my cell phone bill for this call from who knows where?

Okay. So, nap time comes around. Another welcomed time. First baby boy goes down. Not a peep. Amen. Then big boys go down. After a few tissues and hugs and kisses, all is quiet on the mommy front. Oh my. What an enjoyment. I jumped online and checked out a few blogs about fall decorating. I bugged my sister through email to help me with a few projects if she had time and I bugged my sister-in-law for fall decorating ideas and such and then I bugged my mom via phone about helping me with fall decorating ideas as well. You can see whats on my mind. And why does this time go so fast. Before I knew it, it was almost 3pm and I hadn't eaten lunch yet. Okay. Lunch eaten.

Now it's almost 4pm. First boy walks out of his bedroom, still half asleep with his hair all bedhead-y and can you guess what the first thing that came out of his mouth was?? Yep. He has to go to the bathroom. "Really go, Mom". I guess I should be happy. We went from "no potty" to "constant potty". But, it's a good thing. I keep telling myself that. Okay. Middle boy still sleeping. That's good. Baby boy wakes up. I feed him. Okay, that's done. Now I think of what to make for dinner. Leftovers it is! :) In the meantime, I'm running back and forth from room to room, putting away laundry and this and that from my never-disappearing to-put-away pile. Okay. Done. It's 5pm. It's 5:30pm. It's 6pm. No hubby. No call. Okay. Don't worry.

Okay. It's 7pm. Hubby calls. Coming home soon. Okay. He's home. Dinner is served. Time to clean up. No, time to get baby boy ready for bed. Big boys playing, daddy resting, baby eating, mommy frazzled. 8pm. Baby boy should be sleeping. He's not. Fussy-ness comes. Baby sleepy. 8:30pm. He's out. Okay, a little off schedule but not too bad. Time for big boys to go to bed. Songs, hugs and kisses and am I forgetting something? Okay. Lights out.

Nigerian man didn't call back. No surprise.

Missed church tonight for middle boy being sick and daddy coming home very late. Realized earlier in the day that I was out of very important food items for our family. Milk, bread. Had a great coupon for baby formula that I keep on-hand. Decided to run out after everyone was in bed for a quick 30 min. trip. 9pm. Leave. Run through the bank atm to deposit a check I've had forever since I can hardly get out anymore. Get to the store. Go in and look in my purse for my list and coupons. No list. No coupons. What? Are you kidding me? Okay. Drive home to get the coupons. Thankfully, I only live 7 minutes away. I get a call while turning onto my street. It's hubby. The boys are crying. They need you. ME? Ugh. Okay. I come in and go straight to their room. Oh, I DID forget something. The medicine. So, middle boy decides he doesn't want cherry-tasting medicine. I play a little Mary Poppins trick and in it goes. I did a "Mary". Get it? My name is Mary too? Okay... Well, a little medicine comes out but most goes in. Great job, middle one! First boy tells me he's 'really' sick. Okay with the 'reallys' already, first one. So, I do a little jig and sing a little tune and off to sleep they go with smiles. Check in with the hubs. He's half sleeping from a LONG days work. Tell him, I'm off the store. Again. With list and coupons in hand.

Still thinking of fall decorations.

Get to the store and start over. Okay. Got everything off my list with a couple freebies and deals I found while looking in their clearance. Go to pay. Only one cashier and 4 in line. Okay. My turn. All goes well until pay time. I paid and walked away thinking, what did I buy? Check my receipt. Clearance item rings up for $5 instead of .99 cents. Okay. Walk back in and check with cashier. Customer service is closed at 10pm. Its 10:15pm. Wonderful. Okay, what do I do? Come back another time? Customer service lady comes out of room with double mirror (I always laugh at that room) and opens a new register to do the return/credit. Okay. That's done. Walk out and load up car. While driving home, I call my mom since I forgot to call her earlier. Talk about fall decorations. Having nice conversation when 'chirp, chirp, chirp'... Cell battery is going. Talk fast, mom. Get home. Unload and put away. Realize, I didn't eat dinner. Sister calls. We chat and laugh together at the news anchors outfit on tv. Okay. Talk to you, tomorrow, sis. I eat something and decide to check email again since I'm not so tired from my rondevous to the store. My email then makes me think to check my blog which BUGS me because I cannot, for the life of me, center the boys picture in the title. Anyone who can help, please do. I am all about centering.

I'm centering. Get it?

Now, it's 12:11am. Hello, Thursday.

Goodnight, Mary. Get ready for another exciting day tomorrow!

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  1. Oh, Mo! Have I SO been there! See my post today (http://feignedsincerity.blogspot.com/2010/09/this-ones-for-mo.html)... think you'll relate! Love ya!