28 September 2010

Dirty Talk

This is clean, don't worry! :)

I believe I can officially share with the world that Luke is toilet-trained!!! Picture me crying and smiling while I'm typing this! If a 3 year old comes in your bedroom at 1am and tells you he has to use the restroom, I call that being trained!!!

It seems I have waited an eternity for this time and I'm just so thankful that it has arrived. That means I'm down to only 2 in diapers, which is a blessing in so many ways. I have recently started training with Zach but having one under my belt has given me much confidence that I can train again!

Funny story...

Last week, I took Luke and Zachary outside to play. They are very good at staying close to the house so I don't watch them every second of their playing. I took a basket of coupons outside to cut and was sitting at our patio table. We have a little Hot Wheels Jeep that they drive around the house so they were doing laps and enjoying their time together. I got really into my coupon organizing and realized they hadn't made a lap around in a few minutes. I called out Luke's name as I started moving toward the front of the house. As I was walking, I asked what he/they were doing. I heard "playing with blueberries". Still walking to the front, I was thinking... "blueberries? Did he mean the little plastic golf balls or the little outside blocks we have?" As I reached the front of the house, I saw them a short distance away under a little tree between our house and our neighbors. My heart sank as I realized what Luke meant. His "blueberries' were in reference to a pile of deer droppings under the tree. Here are my two angels, throwing deer do-do in the air like confetti at a New Years Eve party... (insert 'sigh')

I ran over to them, grabbed their arms and dragged them in the house so fast they were kind of in shock as to what was happening. As I feverishly washed their fingers, hands and arms, I explained that 'those things' weren't 'blueberries' and they were never to touch them again! Needless to say, I will keep a better eye on them for a while yet! :)

This quote appropriately explains my life -
"Mothers of boys work from son up to son down"


  1. mary, that is so funny!! congratulations!!

  2. haha. I loved your story! And congrats on getting Luke potty trained!!!!!

    So funny too when you said, "picture me crying and smiling as I write this". I totally can picture it. :o) Love you, Mare!

  3. He's really got it! And they had to show me the infamous tree when I was over last week. Too funny!!!