30 September 2010

Death. Remembrance. Love.

A few weeks ago, I attended the wake of a very dear, sweet man who passed away from a battle with cancer. He is the grandfather and step-father to two of the most dearest people to me. My husband had some fun memories of going golfing with him, which was one of his favorite things to do and I too have fond memories of chatting with him and his dear wife at different events and parties that we were at together. There was just something about these two. They were just so cute together. The kind of older couple that were so in love and that stuck in your mind.

Death. It's hard. There's no easy thing about grief. The only assurance is knowing Jesus as your Saviour and knowing we'll see loved ones again some day. Whenever I go to a wake or funeral, or even hearing that some I knew had passed, it always seems to stay with me for a while. I think of that person often. I think about death. I think about 'what if I die' and 'how will people remember me'?

Remembrance. In the past five years, my life has changed dramatically. My name changed. My address changed. My church changed. My status changed. I am now a wife and mother though still a daughter, sister niece and friend. I have more family members now, I have more friends and a bigger church family. If I die, how will they all remember me?

Will I be remembered for not writing, not calling or emailing or staying in touch? Or will they say I was friendly and caring? Will they say I was quiet and kept to myself? Or will they say I'm hospitable and love having fun with family and friends?

Will they say I was a Christian? Will that come to mind automatically? Will they say I loved and cared and prayed for them? Will they say I tried to be like Jesus? Will they say I knew my Bible and loved to serve in church? Will they say I was a giver? Will they say I was happy?

Death makes me think of these things. Do you ever think about these things?

Love. Love is a many splendor thing. Love is so precious, and needed and wanted by many. I love my husband so much. I love my boys. I love my big family. I love my church family. But do I love those who hate me? Do I love those who I don't really like? Do I love and try to share Jesus with anyone or everyone I meet? I think about these things.

Love is more than vows to my husband on our wedding day. Love is more than that first kiss I gave to my baby boys on their arrival into this world. Love is more than just saying "I love you". Love is Jesus. Everyone needs love. Everyone needs Jesus.

Remembering makes me love. Remembering certain events or emotions can bring on more feelings of love for someone. Just today, I was sitting in my chair going through coupons (man, do I do anything else??) and Luke came up to me with lips pooched out. He came barrelling into my face and gave me a big kiss and said "I love you" all on his own. I could have passed out with overwhelming love. There is nothing like it. You know what I mean...

But when you think of Love, do you think of Jesus? Does His dying on the cross for us just become an old memory? We know He died, but do we remember it often and love Him more for it? Do we thank God for giving away His only son? I can't imagine losing a child, but to give one away intentionally... are you crazy?? Do you ever think of this? Even if you don't have children, imagine something so precious to you. Could you live without it?

Death makes me remember. Remembering reminds me to love. Love makes me think of Jesus.

Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak but He is strong!

This song brings many emotions to me when I hear it. Not only from remembering when I sang it often as a child but now hearing my own child singing it, ugh, I could cry a river.

Please let this post encourage you to stay in touch, be a friend, be a listener, pray for others, be a help, be a giver with no intent on being a receiver, be hospitable, give time to others, enjoy others company, serve in church, go on dates with your husband, play with your kids, make a meal for someone, visit someone in the hospital, send a card in the mail, love, love, love... you get what I'm saying.

Please let this post encourage you to be more in love with Jesus. This is a goal of mine. A goal with really no intention of ever being met. How can you stop falling in love with Him?

Yes, Jesus loves YOU.

Yes, Jesus loves YOU.

Yes, Jesus loves YOU

The Bible tells YOU so!

And I love you too!



  1. JUST what I needed to read today! Thank you, Mary! So many good thoughts...so much to think about. SO much to be thankful for!

    Love ya!

  2. Beautiful, Mo! Love, love, LOVE it... and you, too!

  3. That's so good, Mare! Love...that's good. :)
    Love you, too!

  4. That Was encouraging and inspiring too. So glad Becky passed it on to me.