19 January 2012

From Frazzled to Dazzled

Stressed spelled backwards didn't matter much this morning. I woke up with stress oozing out of me. I had plans with my mom and when she called that she was on her way, I told her "I woke up late, I'm running late, I'm stressed etc." I repeated all those things to her when she arrived and upon hearing she said "Go somewhere and just take a minute, and give it to the Lord." Well I got distracted with what I was doing and didn't do it. Wish I had. We started our day of a few errands and had a nice time, even though the kids were somewhat antsy in the store. I still had a feeling of 'rushed' in me. My mom was gracious enough to stay over during naps for me so I could run and get a haircut. (Thanks again, Mom!) Even at the salon, I still felt rushed and stressed because of the feeling of being behind, and with the snow falling fast, I just wanted to get home.

Home I went to kids who didn't take a long nap and were ready to play, Daddy who was on his way out the door to plow and dinner not made, dishes not put away, you get my drift. It was then that I took out that time to give it to the Lord.

From Frazzled to Dazzled.

Kids played so nicely downstairs by themselves, dishes were put away and another load went in, dinner was in the oven, even had a chance to hang a new curtain I had bought recently and all just felt good! Daddy was gone so we weren't complete but made the best of our dinner time together. The boys talked to me like little grown-ups about their day and how much fun they had at Kohl's and how glad they were Baba (my mom) came over and how much they loved me. I was so surprised and pleased by our fellowship. God knew I just needed that. One boy at without talking (a rarity) and the other ate his whole meal without complaining about the "Shaw-shiz" (a miracle)! Baby didn't throw his plate OR cup on the floor and no spills! The joys of motherhood! :)

After dinner, I cleaned up and decided to tackle a project I've been putting off - organizing my recipe basket. Instead of just having the kids play, I involved them. I started cutting down copies of recipes I have made and letting the boys cut the scraps of paper just for something to do. They absolutely loved it! I have realized my oldest's newest talent - cutting one 5x7 sheet of paper into 829 pieces! My frazzled-self would have gone nuts about the itty bitty pieces on the floor but I didn't care tonight. We made a mess and got our projects done and had fun! I was so happy to get my project done and even more happy to have three assistants who wanted to just be with me. After we were done, we picked up and even the oldest assistant vacuumed up the pieces. Dazzled I was.

I realized I need to take a step back from our every day stresses and just enjoy the moment. God is so good and I just love how He knows what we need! Let me encourage you to do the same if you are like and try to do everything quickly and neatly and by yourself. Sometimes with little ones, it's easy to just do it yourself - but don't rob them of the joy of being a help, of having a servant's heart. That's just what they need!

So, my middle assistant, during his shift on the potty, tells me (quote) "Mom, I'm glad I helped you tonight, Mom. Children love to help their Mommies" and BOY, how right he is!


  1. Awwww....so sweet! I just love it when a "bad" day ends up turning out so well.

  2. Oh Mary, I can so relate. If I don't get up before them, I'm scratching all day for a minute to read my Bible. I was cracking up at your dinner time success. Sometimes I dread dinnertime and the havoc and battles that ensue. I'm searching for a book called "Loving the Little Years". I've heard it's pretty encouraging. Thanks for the "real life" post. Reminded me that I'm not alone. :) Got your note. Loveliness on a not-so-lovely day. Thanks again.

  3. Yay for yesterday! I loved reading this, and I'm so glad you let the Lord turn your day around. Those boys...oh my heart...I can just hear him saying "Children like to help..." :-). Love you all!