04 May 2012

Boys Update

Since I haven't blogged in a while, I thought maybe some of you were wondering how the boys were doing... Well, these were the best of the worst pics taken on Easter Sunday. We got home from church and changed clothes before lunch and then Sonny and I realized we didn't take a family picture so just imagine us somewhere in these pics :)  Aren't these shirts so cute?! FYI my new favorite kids store is called "Crazy 8". Usually my favorite kids store is called "Garage Sale" and "Thrift Store" but I found these shirts on the clearance rack! This store has a good range of sizes in matching clothes. I like matching them all every once in a while.

Luke turned five recently and I'm trying to get him to enjoy being five and not wanting to be six so soon! He enjoys cowboys and loves horses and thinks that Zach is funny and Grayson is cute!

Zach is two months shy of turning four! He loves cereal, naps and playing 'caw-ers'! He has a soft heart and is my cuddle baby!

Grayson is one month shy of turning two and is a bundle of boy! He loves doing whatever his big brothers do and has an appetite that is making me dread the teenage years! He can count to ten and has a smile like no other (he's just not showing us in these pics)!


  1. I kept checking and know how very busy you've been lately, more than usual, so I wasn't going to check if there was an update.. but.. glad I did! These guys are just growing too fast for us, wish time could slow down and we'd be able to have more one-on-one time with them. Or maybe I wish I just had more energy :D Grayson does jump right on in and does just what the other 2 do, he's so perceptive and smart! Zach is the compassionate one and loves to read and listen to my stories (reminds me of how I would with my grandfather), a special memory I will always cherish. And Luke, already 5! how? and school... just too quickly these days pass. God bless them all and hold them close and may they come to accept Him in His perfect time. We couldn't love these little guys more! xxx ooo Baba and Papa

  2. Ah, Mary, what cuties! I nearly choked when I read that Grayson was nearly 2. For some reason, it seems like he was just born. I thought he was younger than my Leah! Such a lovely family.