17 July 2012

Mid-summer update!

Wow - this year has been SO busy already! I wish I could blog every day to remember the little ins and outs of my day but time gets away too often. God is good and keeping us healthy and safe!

Here are three reasons why I'm very busy and not blogging much! Being a mom to these three is so rewarding and I'm so thankful for them! We are enjoying every minute of this summer!


  1. Hi Mary! I was thinking about you the other day and remembered your blog. Your family is wonderful! I think the last time I saw you was at the doctors office in 2010! 3 Boys! God Bless you! :-) I had my second, Hannah, on Aug 26 and my third, Matthew, just 2 months ago. Life with 3 kids is crazy, but beautiful. Maybe one day, we can get together and catch up. Hope to talk to you soon! Angie :-)

  2. Hi Mary!! The boys are getting so big!!! I Love your blog and will check back soon. I am thinking about starting one soon. Hope all is well and I will see you around Christmas!!!
    ~ Naomi Welsh.
    e-mail me anytime: naomiwelsh1982@gmail.com