06 October 2009

Do I make Jesus happy?

This has been my main thought for a couple days now. Here's why:

On Sunday, Luke's behavior wasn't the best, not what it could or should have been. Monday was worse! His cousins were over that day and he decided not to share his cars and trucks with them, making these evil, shrieking sounds whenever they came near them. That was a long day of working with him on sharing but that evening, the Lord spoke to me about obedience. It's not just something we hear or sing about, but something we need to do daily. I am quick to correct him of his wrongs, but I thought "does he really understand why?". I spent some alone time with him last night and today to talk about sharing and why we need to share and obey. Not only is it right, and makes mommy and daddy happy, but most importantly, it makes Jesus happy! I could tell he really enjoyed our little talk, saying throughout the evening last night "make Jesus happy, make Jesus happy".

Today, after his nap when he woke up, the first thing he did was come up to me and say "me make Jesus happy"! I teared up and gave him a big hug and reassured him that obeying makes Jesus happy! I know it will be a rough road at times, but him starting to understand who Jesus is, that He loves us and wants us to obey Him is such a blessing to see! I am re-living my Sunday School days, singing the kid songs they sing and listening to many Patch the Pirate tapes. I was just SO happy today, thinking of all this, and how Jesus must be smiling at my little blonde haired, blue eyed boy.

Thank you, Jesus, for Luke! Thank you, God, for Jesus!

Now, back to the "obeying thing"... Being a parent and going through this for the first time has been so convicting. I tell Luke to obey Jesus, but do I? Do I? What an eye opener! I am thankful the Lord has brought me through these couple days with a renewed outlook on obedience! I truly do want to make Jesus happy!

Do you?

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  1. Such a great post, Mary! Very thought provoking and such a good reminder to keep the focus right! Thanks for sharing your <3

    Love you!