09 October 2009

Our House

* This post is for an out-of-state friend who wanted to see a pictures of my house *
This house was such a blessing to and for us. The Lord knew exactly what we needed (doesn't He always?!) We weren't looking in this area much but our realtor set up an appt. for this one and we fell in love with the land. We met the owner, a widow, who was looking to downsize. Later on, we found out there were 2 offers on this house, but after meeting the owner, she chose us because she was excited that a young couple about to be married wanted to purchase it to raise a family in and live for many years, just as she and her husband did back in 1957. We still keep in contact with her and she is still pleased! :)

The house was originally a beige-y peach-ish color but THANK GOD, we had it painted last year. I fulfilled my dream of a red door (and had them paint my mailbox to match)!

Hubby keeps the grass looking ever so loverly! Thanks, hon!
Wifey waters the plants! Thanks, me!

Our backyard, complete with lots of open yard, a trampoline we call "the jump-o-line", a baby swing, patio set on a small brick patio and lots of outdoor kids toys. We enjoy the open space to entertain our families and friends! God has been so good to us!

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