09 October 2009

Just tell me...

Who, tell me who

needs a girl when I have a boy with this curly cuteness...

and these frilly foo-foos...

and these long eyelashes that even the camera flash catches them...

and with a cute little side stand like this...


Well, if the Lord gave me a girl, I'd be overjoyed just the same but if not, I have enjoyed immensely the playing, braiding and french twisting of this little cutie! These were after bath shots when his hair is at its curliest!

FYI - he will be getting a haircut before the end of the year.
Daddy is still holding on to the "baby" hair but it's on the Tucker to-do list!!!


  1. So in love with him...well, ya know...both of them! Big hugs, Aunt Dee Dee

  2. ... and he was suppossed to be your brunette?? who knew?? I could just eat him up! xxoo