03 January 2010


Can you believe it's 2010 already? I can remember where I was when the year turned 2000! I have to admit I'm feeling old! But, I feel better than ever in the best way possible - I feel that with each year that passes, and each year I grow physically older, I also grow spiritually stronger in the Lord! That is a New Year's resolution for every year! God is so good, I just can't put into words how good He truly is!

I want to encourage my whopping 4 followers **and anyone else that checks out my blog** to first, become a follower of my blog :) and most importantly, remember to pray and read your Bible every day! I was talking to one of my best friends this week (love you Buttercup) about how growing up in the Lord, going to church every week, praying, hearing preaching can get SO monotonous and not actually feel real. When you grow in the Lord and gain knowledge, all those things become so real and you truly appreciate them. I am so glad for the Lord's help and guidance in the past few weeks. He has given me a true understanding of changes I need to make in my life and not just resolutions, but real changes. Changes only He can make through us!

Love to all and Happy New Year!


  1. Mo, Don't feel old... all of this is just an illusion... we're really still twelve wearing babydoll dresses and snap bracelets. At least that's how I feel most days. :) Thanks for the encouragement and I hope your 2010 is as amazing as you are! Love ya! ~Me