04 January 2010

Christmas @ Home

These are a few pictures of our little Christmas at home with just the 4 of us. There weren't many presents to open but you can see many of the more importants gifts we have in these pictures - Jesus in our hearts, the Bible, a home, love, and each other.

Luke & Daddy

Daddy & Zach, looking a little puzzled as to why we were taking pictures instead of eating breakfast!

Mommy and her little man

Daddy reading the Christmas story in Luke 2, the most important event of our morning!

The most important of gifts to them - Thomas the Train and his friends!

I am so thankful for the wonderful we time we had with our little family. With each year, the boys understand more and it's fun to see them excited. It is also fun for us to see how the Lord provides for the extra little gifts to make each day a little more fun!

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  1. Looks like such a nice Christmas morning! Love all the updates!! It's like Christmas morning for me! Heehee!