14 April 2010

A first with lots of waiting...

Good Afternoon to you! This is my first ever post away from home! I am currently at Marymount Hospital, waiting on some bloodwork and tests that I need to have for the baby. I have been here for over two hours already and am still waiting on a shot I need to have. The nurse just came to me and said she JUST called the 'bloodbank' and the shot I need is going to take another half an hour to make it up to this lovely 6th floor. Wonderful! I'm just wondering why this place wasn't called sooner since I've been sitting in her view for a half hour already. Oh well. What can ya do?

This hospital is the one we plan on delivering at, instead of Hillcrest. The distance from our house is only about 10 minutes, compared to 30 plus traffic to Hillcrest, so that is a plus. This hospital is very Catholic, which gives me the heebie geebies but God is in control and will take care of me. I will bring my Bible and laptop with me to pass the time. But, as for now, I'm just sitting here, thinking of things I could be doing, thinking of my mom home with my boys and my hubby at work, emailing my sisters too much since I have the time...

And, I've also been thinking about the many people I've seen pass me in these hallways and waiting rooms. I wonder to myself how many know Jesus and if any are saved. I've prayed for some I could tell where nervous, talked to a few of them and have smiled till my cheeks hurt. So many nurses and staff here are just 'doing their jobs' but so many people come in scared and nervous - a nice smile and friendly 'hello' can make all the difference to them.

Today must be 'Marymount Day' because there are at least one bazillion people here today and the parking lot was jam packed. But the Lord knew this already and had a blessing waiting just for me. I drove around the parking lot two or three times and just decided to take the first one I saw, which was about a mile away from the door. Oh well. If I didn't have a baby sitting on my bladder at all times, this wouldn't be a problem, but that distance wasn't so appealing to me. So, I parked and got out with my bags and here comes a shuttle bus directly to my spot and the gentleman asks if I needed a ride. Of course, I say 'sure' and he drove me all the way to steps away from the door I needed to go in. I was so happy! He knew it too! Thank you, Lord! That lessened my burden of carrying the baby and my purse and bag. It may seem small but it was a big blessing to me!

Well, I'm going to sign off for now in hopes that they will be calling me soon for this shot I need. Then I need to hoof it back downstairs to have my blood taken again for the last of my bloodwork/tests. It has not really been a 'fun' day but just anticipating the arrival of this baby has me smiling inside and out.

Have a great day!

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