29 April 2010

I :: Heart :: Coupons!!!

I've been going back and forth about posting deals I find using coupons. I thought no one would care but I had two really good trips today and thought maybe if I post, I could encourage someone to use coupons to save money and get great items! The Lord wants us to be stewards of our money and I believe using coupons is being wise and also a blessing as I buy brands I would not normally buy and sometimes get more for less and some things for free!

CVS trip

2 Tresemme shampoos - total $1.77 (with tax)
---------- *** ----------
Target trip
Everything you see here cost $4.65 with tax, with a savings of $21.79 and the receipt below just to prove it!

I really love talking about, looking for and sharing coupon ideas and tips! If I could ever be of any help, please ask! I am currently 'teaching' my hair stylist how to get started with coupons and make the most of them! It is just so wise, and fun, and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! :)
Live rich with coupons!


  1. how do you do it!!!! happy pregnant day!!!!

  2. LOTS of cutting and organizing!

    Thanks from me & baby! :)

  3. You go, girl! Impressed you got Zyrtec for that cheap!