13 April 2010


Hello, ya'll! I'm back from a nice email/blog break. Life for me has been so busy and long these last few weeks but also chock-full of great events and memories that I soon hope to post!
Now that Luke's birthday month is over, we say goodbye to trains and hello to cute, little spring birds for the blog decor. I needed something springy and pink. This last word - 'pink' - may be a shock to some since I really don't like the color pink and never really have. BUT, I am expecting my third baby and since we're not finding out the gender, I am thinking it could be a girl and now pink has suddenly become a likeable color for me. :)
Our Easter weekend was so much fun. We spent time with our families on Saturday and Sunday and had such great food and fellowship! I know Easter is over but I think we should celebrate it all year long to remind us of His resurrection! In my header is our Easter family picture and here are some others we took:
Here are our honeys on the way to church! We had such a nice, sunny weekend to celebrate Jesus!
Here are the not-so-smiley cousins after a long day of Sunday school and 'big' church!
(Zach is 21 months, Rose is days away from turning 3 and Luke is 3)

Here is Daddy who said "I need a picture with my boys"! Well, one boy had his fill of pictures and didn't want to cooperate and the other was bribed with smarties! Such precious memories! :)


Well, I finally downloaded my pictures from the last 5-6 weeks of our lives so I hope to post some fun memories in the coming days. Isn't it amazing how it is already halfway through April? And, I will officially be 30 weeks in a matter of days. That is scary! I am starting to make my lists and get my hospital bags packed just in case I go early. Pray for me!!!

See you soon!

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  1. Cute pictures Mary! Those boys are just adorable!!!

    Praying for you as you're nearing the end of the pregnancy!!!