25 March 2010

A Little Birdie told me...

to let him out!

As I was preparing to leave this morning, I was in a hurry and busily gathering my things around the house. I was using my mom's car today, so I needed time to allow myself to pack her car with the things that I needed to take along. Since I had a few bags, I left the door open that goes from our breezeway room to the garage so I didn't have to keep opening and closing as I packed the car. I walked the garbage cans out to the street as and I walked back in the breezeway, a little bird was fluttering around the breezeway, trying to escape. He must have flown in through the garage door while I was walking the garbage out. I did my best to get him out but he was upset about the health care bill and kept flying back and forth, hitting the window, then the door. Seriously, it was such a funny thing to happen and try to resolve. I ended up just leaving the doors open and he eventually figured it out. If you could only have seen me, I'm sure you would have had a laugh!


  1. You did better than I did when a bird somehow got into my library a few years back... I screamed and hid under my desk until someone shooed him out the door. But then, you've always been braver than I have. :)

  2. Cracked up at this story! It seems things like this always happen when we're in a hurry! My mother-in-law gave me the diaper bag yesterday, and I love it. I'm a real minimalist, but with #2 rolling in around August, I think I'll have to graduate to something a tad bit bigger than what I currently have. This one should be perfect. And I *heart* free. Thanks a million for your thoughtfulness! I found your blog through Deena Royalty's blog!

  3. Hi, April -
    If you get this comment, please email me at the-tuckers@windstream.net. We have tons in common, esp. about using coupons!! Thanks for your comment!