22 March 2010

Monday Happies!

This morning, I read Kelly's Korner and her blog title was "Monday Happies!" and she ended her post with "So what are your Monday Happies?"

So, despite the health care bill passing last night, I am trying to be happy and positive and here are some of my Monday Happies today:

  • Being able to sleep in a half hour more than I normally get up (it really makes a difference for me!)
  • Hearing Luke try to find me when he woke up and came out of his room to tell me "Good Morning Mommy"
  • Making pancakes for breakfast and the boys saying "Mmmm"
  • Having my mom stop by to say Hi on her way to an errand and playing with the boys while I made lunch
  • Hearing Luke say "Bless you" when you Zach sneezed
  • Hearing Zach pray in his own little way
  • Having fun watching the birds and squirrels in the backyard (my boys love to do this!)
  • Having my Honey get the mail while on his lunch break so I didn't have to go outside in the rain
  • Having such great sisters/friends to chat with in email
  • Calling on a bill and finding they made a mistake and gave me a lower price (thank you, Lord!)
  • Enjoying a warm brownie and a glass of cold milk by myself while the boys are napping ('by myself' are the key words here!)

It doesn't seem like a lot while the day is passing, but when I actually typed everything out, I have had many reasons to be happy today, even with the rain and health care and a bad hair day - and it's only 3pm! God is so good to have given me another day!

So, now you tell me, what are YOUR Monday Happies?

1 comment:

  1. My Tuesday morning happies:

    ~ Reading your Monday happies. :o)
    ~ Vanilla Biscotti coffee
    ~ Sun shining in my window
    ~ Though Dan got up at 4 this am, he still kissed me goodbye before he went off to fly
    ~ e-mail chats :o)
    ~ Tyler was on my lap when I pulled up your site and he saw the pic of Luke in the cowboy hat and he got so excited - started pointing and saying "hat! HAT!"
    ~ Buttercup

    Luv u