08 March 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Luke!!

With a heavy heart, I post about my son's 3rd birthday today! It, of course, was a very happy day but inside, I just could not get over the fact that three years have already passed! As I was preparing for this post, I went back through some old photos and picked out a few to share. Luke is so special to me and I'm so thankful to be his mommy!

This was Luke's first time in church

This was our first trip out after Luke was born. We went to visit my parents and I just love how he is so bundled you can hardly see him in there!

First night in his crib... alone... without mommy in the room...
(I didn't sleep that night!)

A trip to Grandma Tucker's house without being woken up. I just threw him in the laundry bin and took off. (FYI - she lives 30 seconds away!)

Luke's first Christmas - a charming photo of him with cousin Rose

Love, love, love this one!

Meeting Zachary for the first time in the hospital! Love that long lock of hair!

Luke's first birthday

We had to cancel his party due to a huge snow storm that day so him and I hung out all day at home in our pj's taking fun pictures of ourselves and napping together while Daddy (and all the uncles) plowed. Thankfully, everyone could come over the next day for his party!

Momma and Smiley
This was taken a few days before I delivered Zachary.

Praying to "Gee-zuh" for Daddy's birthday dinner!

This lip thing started late last year. Whenever he sleeps, he does this and I usually go in to his room after while and pull it back out :) What a kid!

Luke and Papa after his 3rd birthday party was over!

This is Luke turning 3 at 4:18 p.m. today! We are usually up from nap by now but after such a busy, long weekend, I let him snooze to his heart's content... well, I mean 4:45 p.m. but it was a treat to have the extra sleep!
Lord, thank you for this little boy for whom I prayed! He is a treasure and I thank You so much for giving him to me!
Luke, Happy 3rd Birthday!
Love, Mommy


  1. Awwww....such a sweet walk down memory lane. :o) I can't believe he is 3! I can't believe Tyler is 1 1/2 either! These boys are just growin' right up! Good to keep in mind so we enjoy every day, right?

  2. This child made us Grandparents first in our lives, he will always be "special" to us! As well as Zachary and Baby?? XXOO Baba & Papa