23 March 2010

A Sisterly Surprise!

This post should have appeared sometime around three weeks ago, but I had some camera downloading difficulties so here it is, late as ever! A belated bloggy Happy Birthday to my sister, Tammy!

I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked to but all in all, here are some of the best!

This is a fun outside decoration for her yard from Amy. The petals spin in the wind - so cute, so Tam!

A great friend of Tammy's (Deena) and I arranged the surprise party for our dearest Tammy! It was so much fun to get together with old friends and sisters (and Mom and Grandma) to celebrate Tammy! And talk about childbirth, Sarah!!! :)

Here is sister Molly - who really looks like a "sister" - adorned in a blanket since my basement was so cold! :) Sorry, Molly!

Here is the birthday girl, enjoying many laughs over old stories and memories! We all shared a story or memory of Tammy, with most of them ending in an uproar of laughter! My story had to do with a certain toddler bed that she stole from under my eyes at a garage sale a few years ago but I'm over it. Really. :) (j/k Tam!)

Last but not least, here is the awesome cheesecake Missy made for the dessert, which is Tammy's favorite. It was so delicious and pretty with the fruit on top that we all decided we had to take a picture to remember it! Thanks, Missy!

Tammy - thanks for being a wonderful friend first, then sister! I enjoy our Amish country trips and singing together in church! I am thankful for the recipes you pass along and the coupons you share! I am thankful for your love for Christ and how it shows! God bless you! Love, Mary

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