21 April 2010

The mullet is gone!

This will be old news for my bloggy friends and family but for those we don't see often, the mullet is officially gone! Back on Feb. 20th, we took Zach for his first haircut! His hair was horribly long but we were holding onto the 'baby' for as long as we could!

Here is before:

Here is during the cut:

It started off pretty well. He sat in a chair that looked like a tractor and really liked that. I was also armed with some gummy fruits and an oatmeal creme pie just in case things got bad!

Then things got bad!!! We had to get Sonny involved to hold him down. Zach wanted nothing to do with someone he didn't know touching him or his hair!

The one thing that got us through - his bottle! SO glad I packed that too!

All in all, it was a fun day and full of good (and frustrating) memories! Our baby now looks like a little boy which is both cute and sad for me. Just another thing to show he is growing up!
Below is a picture of both boys now. They almost look like twins sometimes! Love you boys!