04 February 2010

Baby Week

Thanks to everyone for their congratulations on the new baby! It is so nice hearing from everyone and sharing in the excitement! Tomorrow will be a week since the 'big reveal' and I think half the people I know already know I'm expecting! I also feel like my baby bump has really grown, too much in fact, like it's punishment for having kept the secret so long! :)

Here are some blessings I liked to share with my readers of how God has worked and blessed in different situations:

Blessing #1
I went to the thrift store two weeks ago in search of maternity clothes and it was almost like God put this whole rack in the store just for me! I was able to find 5 or 6 modest shirts without any stains! :) Most maternity shirts are cut very low but I found some very nice shirts and some dressy enough for church so that was a big blessing at a very small cost!

Blessing #2
I am feeling better these last few days compared to the last 19 weeks. I was very sick and nauseous for a long time and have just in the last days had a decent appetite. A hidden blessing in that is that I've lost weight and still continue to. I haven't gained any weight so far so I'm thankful for that!

Blessing #3
Baby Tucker is healthy - thank you, God! We had an ultrasound 1/22 and everything shows that baby is healthy and has great measurements and a good heartbeat. I tell you, hearing that heartbeat and seeing the heart pump on the ultrasound screen is just amazing. I always break down and cry! Our nurse (that we had with both boys) knows me and always gives me time to cry it out for a few minutes before going on with the ultrasound. She is so sweet! And I always say, out loud during each ultrasound, "I can't believe how people can kill babies" when you can outright see/hear the heart beat.

Blessing #4
I have such a great family and wonderful friends to share in this joy with me. It is so fun chatting with all my sisters and hearing funny comments from guys who don't quite know what to say. Either way, it such a happy time full of thoughts of will it be a boy or girl, what will he/she look like, will I ever have a brown-haired baby? :)

Love to all

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