01 February 2010

The Secret's Out!!!

As you can tell by my new title picture, we are now Tucker "5" instead of "4"!!! We are expecting our third baby!!!

To make a long story short, we decided to tell our families the "secret" this past Friday at Sonny's birthday party. We were going to tell them at Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then around New Years, but someone was always missing and not everything was perfect, so we just decided to push it back. Finally, everyone was together for the birthday party and we shared the news at the end of the gift giving time.

After Sonny opened his presents from family members, I gave him a folder and said "Show everyone what I got you". He looked inside and smiled and said "really, now?" in a shy kind-of way. I said to, of course, and then he pulled out a few of our ultrasound pictures. Of course, everyone cheered and my mom started crying, somewhat disbelieving. She needed to see the pictures and have me confirm I was really expecting! :) It was so much fun to see the surprise on everyones faces! Some people thought he was going to show them our family picture that we just had taken the Monday before.

The REAL surprise was when I said I am half-way through my pregnancy already! I was exactly 20 weeks on Friday! I thought it was just perfect how everything worked out - me being exactly half way through on the day of his party when we decided to tell everyone. God worked it out perfectly, as usual! :)

So, here is the surprise for you who have just found out! Expect pictures of a cute little boy or girl around June 25th of this year!

p.s. The 'Tucker 5' picture was taken on our vacation trip to Florida last October. We had just found out and I found it fitting to write our new number in the sand!


  1. So neat to hear from you on the phone, and then reading it hear has been just about as fun! So happy for you guys. Also, LOVE your new blog design! :o) Love you!

  2. Praise God!!! Wonderful, wonderful news!!! Boy are YOU a good secret keeper!!

  3. God is so good!!! Yay for #3...can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! Hugs to the little guys and to your belly :)

    All my love, Aunt Dee Dee

  4. Congrats Mary & Sonny ~ can't wait to see pics of him/her! We'll be praying for you.

  5. Congratulations, MO! Now I feel bad for all the whining I've done over the last few months while you were going through the same struggles! Feel free to call or write me and whine any time... I owe you! :) Love to you and your incubee.